Electronic Systems Design

Heat sink and heat management design and analysis
NUMA has worked on the development of heat management systems for electronic units. We proposed a system consisting of a plate-fin heat sink which was optimised for mass and outlet air-flow temperature. This project combined our skills in design and analysis, allowing us to calculate the air-flow required to maintain the specified system temperature under given weight and cost constraints.

Oil and Gas Industry Applications

Oil and gas industry engineering
We have worked on analysing components used on subsea pipelines for the oil and gas industry. To model the processes accurately in the harsh underwater environment we had to account for multi-physics effects such as acoustic/structural interactions, fluid flow predictions and heat transfer.

Experimental Experience

At NUMA we are always excited about new challenges and expanding the company's capabilities and experience. To complement our track-record in simulation development and theoretical assessment of engineering projects we also have worked on high-precision experiments for the European Space Agency. The test rig used for these experiments was designed by NUMA's engineers and manufactured locally in Ireland.

Oil and gas industry engineering