Past Projects in Space Engineering

Design and Analysis of Space Payloads

Profile of microwave energy deposition

NUMA has worked on several projects involving the analysis of space mission payloads as well as developing new designs to meet the strict and demanding requirements on products that must function in a space environment.

We designed a payload data router (PLDR) casing, for an ESA-coordinated project adding equipment to the International Space Station. NUMA provided shock, vibration and thermophysical cooling-system analysis for the casing.

Parachute Modelling

NUMA worked with ESA to create a multiphysics simulation framework to predict the behaviour of a planetary entry parachute being deployed at supersonic speeds. This complicated problem was analysed using a fluid-structure interaction approach, through a combination of commerical tools and in-house development.

Parachute deploying

The simulation code was validated against wind tunnel data, obtained from our partner company, showing good agreement between prediction and measurement.

Spacecraft Sloshing Analysis

NUMA has worked with ESA on several projects related to free surface fuel sloshing in a microgravity environment. This has included CFD simulation and Earth-based experiments, which are focused on obtaining reliable data for CFD validation. In addition, we have experience working on propellant management devices (PMD) for the control of liquid propellant by surface tension in spacecraft.

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