Computational engineering design & analysis

We offer experience in stress, fluid, heat transfer and numerical code development projects. We use state-of-the-art techniques and industry-trusted software packages to bring our customers cost-effective and reliable engineering solutions.

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Aerospace | Oil & Gas | Biomedical

For Engineering SMEs

We tailor simulation technology to reduce your costs in developing new products, systems and designs.

At NUMA, we specialise in the provision of design & analysis skills for a range of industries. We can help to improve the design of your product, without a long series of expensive prototype iterations.

Computational modelling can quantify effects due to structural, fluid and thermal physics, which are often impractical to measure accurately, but essential to the long-term safety and functionality of your product.

For International R&D

We perform specialist development, research and analysis to model complex physical phenomena numerically.

Engineers and scientists at NUMA have extensive experience in modelling diverse physical processes, especially in the aerospace, biomedical and energy sectors.

NUMA is heavily involved in international R&D, developing real-time medical simulation tools, supporting space exploration and commercializing cost-efficient high performance computing technologies.

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